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Having had the domain name as an E-Mail address for a few years - it seemed only right to complete the job and create the site.
Originally used only as a learning and development excercise, it soon took on a life of its own and what had once been a wonderful jumble of bits and pieces began to demand some sort of order!      And so, after a lot of re-working the site is at last starting to make sense.
This site is a Personal Site and so contains all sorts of bits and pieces that I have got into.  The main ones have their own pages . . . accessed by the Main Menu. The rest can be found from the . . MISCELLANEOUS PAGE. . . which lists them all.
At the moment only the basic elements are in place . . . other aspects are currently on track and will be shortly uploaded.

Design and Graphics have been created from scratch by CoPeJo Web Design .. are copyright .. and are not for downloading except where stated.
Dreamweaver 4  and Flash MX have been used for development and layout,and Cute FTP is being used for uploading.
Graphics were originally produced using Fireworks 4   but then discarded and completely redrawn using Paint Shop Pro7  with Super Blade Pro and Eye Candy plugins.
A somewhat unconventional Flash Introduction was developed. The idea of the graphical elements used to form the Home Page coming together and fading into the page proper appealed.......but as it was taking about 90 secs @ 56K to download it was abandoned and the site redesigned.   However, for friends and family... and those of you who do not mind the wait... the movie can be viewed from the FLASH PAGE where other examples are available.
Enough waffle!. . . Please look around . . . and ENJOY!
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