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Get Paint Shop Pro 7
Download a Free Copy for trial.....other software is also available.....fully working.....time limited for evaluation
Get Super Blade Pro
A Must Have plugin for Paint Shop Pro........also free evaluation copy for download. Plenty of other cool
effects on free time trial to spice up youe work!
Get Eye Candy
Eye Candy from Alien Skin is a great plugin for Paint Shop Pro and other Photo Shop compatible graphics software. Free evaluation copy for download.
Great Flash Resouce Site... Lots of Free Stuff . . sound loops . . Fla. files etc........A MUST
 Get Flash
Macromedia Flash.....Great tool for site graphics!   Make
movies...special effect... REALLY SLICK STUFF......
Free fully working time trial.
Get Fireworks Macromedia Fireworks.....Graphics & Photo creation and
enhancing software...all the usual features....
Free fully working time trial.
Get Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver HTML &WYSIWYG Editor....
Very powerfull as is...but the add-on third party
extensions make this an AWESOME pice of kit.
Free fully working time trial.   Itegrates with Flash
and Fireworks
Get Terragen TERRAGEN is a photorealistic landscape generator. It is still being developed and is available FREE at the moment.
It has several controls and can be tweaked by add-ons.
Enthusiasm and support for this program is growing and there are several websites dedicated to it... TRY IT..ITS FUN
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